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Aaron S. Coleman

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Aaron S. Coleman 2009/2010, these are incredible lithos and at this point you could all but call them vintage. If you haven’t already, you should see what Aaron’s doing now. He’s a lithographer with a mean prowess. In his work dwells an utter poignancy of metaphor; siting in the chapel, street walking like a bird, thirsty for the gaze, prone to concision. Aaron is one of those people whose breadth of output over the past few years is very inspiring to consider. Aaron remains formally affective in content and make-up such that, despite a visible heterogeneousness between separate bodies of work, a reliable tonality is established throughout his portfolio. This virtuosity is comparable in quality to the first time I ever witnessed a truly gifted musician successfully demonstrate proficiency in 3+ instruments. It is opposite the quality of nearly everything I feel forced into contact with on a daily basis, and god damnit, ain’t that refreshing when it happens? Check the archive for another posting of more recent lithography, or dig his website where all can be found:

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Like ridin’ a bike

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